Addressing an urgent need
We need more Canadian Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis) and Black professors in engineering and computer science fields across Canada.

To rectify this situation, a partnership of Ontario Faculties of Engineering (including McMaster University, University of Ottawa, University of Toronto, Queen’s University, University of Waterloo and Western University) and the University of Waterloo Faculty of Mathematics was created, recognizing that institutions of higher learning need to reduce the systemic barriers that exist for junior Indigenous and Black scholars pursuing doctoral degrees in engineering and STEM programs while providing a supportive, respectful community that is essential during the rigorous PhD process and beyond, which includes tenured positions.

The IBET PhD program is intended to foster equitable and inclusive research environments to increase the presence of Indigenous and Black academics in STEM.

This support, now primarily through four-year $25,000/annual IBET Momentum fellowships as well as academic mentoring, will assist in creating a robust presence of what is currently an under-represented group of young researchers.  The success of these scholars will lead to teaching and research careers in academia, industry and policy making.

The IBET PhD Program will follow a proven model – it is based on a successful program in the United States designed to increase the presence of Black academics in business schools.  From the success of that program, we know that fostering equitable research environments, providing fellowships, and creating mentoring opportunities will increase the number of Indigenous and Black academics.