Be a mentor

It starts with you
We know that if you provide support and mentoring, along with building clusters of talent, you can increase diversity and success. For Canadian universities, STEM Faculties have been working to build strong mentorship to bring more women to STEM careers and academia. This type of support works!

For the IBET PhD Project to be successful we need mentorship support from both our industrial partners and academic colleagues. By having supportive academics and professionals who have gone through the rigorous doctoral process we expect our young scholars will be even more successful.

A network of support will be a key part of building an environment of acceptance and connection.

Our IBET PhD Project Mentors will provide high-quality mentorship and connect students with:

  • Outstanding research groups and professors
  • Industry research mentors
  • Government research centres
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business organizations and associations
  • Combined industry and academic supervision

This will provide a network of peer support on their journey to becoming professors and industry leaders.

Faculty members will serve as role models in attracting and mentoring Indigenous and Black students while improving the preparation of all students for a fully diverse workplace and society. They can also help to identify key networking opportunities such as attending annual conferences.

Additional training that mentors can provide is CV/resume, professional social media use to build an online profile, online and in-person networking, future job search, and application tips.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Mentorship Program.

For more information about how you can become a mentor