Get your PhD

There is funding available
The IBET Momentum Fellowships are valued at $25,000 to $30,000 per year* will be awarded to eligible** incoming Canadian black and indigenous* graduate students registered full time in an engineering PhD program at one of the partner institutions.

There is no question that a PhD will advance a career. Not only will an advanced degree open potential research careers and academic pursuits for those who want to guide the education of others, but a PhD signifies expertise.

In the field of engineering this level of expertise works to move industry and innovations forward. Advanced degrees with understanding of research principals are critical for problem solving and pushing technology further for the betterment of societies around the globe.

But beyond industry needs, Canada needs better representation of Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Inuit, and Métis) and Black as leaders in academic institutions, preparing the next generation of engineers, and Canada needs more engineers.

Canada is facing a dramatic shortfall of engineers. According to Engineers Canada (which works on behalf of the provincial and territorial associations that regulate engineering practice and license the country’s 300,000 members of the engineering profession as well as accrediting undergraduate engineering programs), by 2025 we will have a shortfall of as many as 100,000 engineers in this country.

We need more engineers for Canada to be competitive and not fall behind in innovation. The time is now to educate and mentor Indigenous and Black engineering students and researchers.

We understand, or should understand, that we all have different lived experiences and from that difference springs new thinking and new solutions to some of the most challenging and relevant problems of our times. Multiple peer reviewed studies show how diversity and inclusion improves solutions and increases innovation as well as economic prosperity.

*Depending on the institution. Please confirm with the Institution of your choice the full amount that will be available in IBET Momentum Fellowship funding.

**Confirm with the institution of your choice the Eligibility requirements. For the purposes of this Fellowship, an Indigenous person is a person who self-identifies as First Nations (Status/Non-Status), Métis, or Inuit as defined in the Canadian Constitution Act 1982.