Internship Opportunities

Elevate your PhD experience with an internship opportunity provided by Mitacs


Mitacs supports collaborative research projects between the academic community and industry or non-profit partners; they are a national, independent, not-for-profit organization that fosters growth and innovation, whose goal is to develop the next generation of researchers and innovators for Canada’s knowledge and innovation-based economy. For IBET Momentum Fellows, Mitacs provides an opportunity to gain valuable workplace experience through paid internship opportunities during their PhD studies. These placements will provide a platform to network with industry professionals and foster relationships which can be beneficial in securing future employment.

Mitacs has paired up with the IBET PhD Project to provide paid internship opportunities to IBET Fellows through their Accelerate and Globalink programs, outlined below:


National and international research collaborations via internships

  • Research collaborations with private sector or non-profit partners
  • Open to post-secondary institutions across the country
  • Open to all academic disciplines
  • Open to grad candidates and PDFs in multiple 4-month modules
  • Funding from $10,000 to multi-million $
  • Applications accepted any time
  • High application success rate (> 95%)
  • Decision within 6–8 weeks
  • Domestic & foreign researchers are eligible

*Current internship opportunities through the Accelerate program can be found on Mitacs’ Open Projects page.


International Research Collaborations

  • Multiple agreements with partner countries internationally*
  • Globalink Research Award: 12- to 24-week research project abroad; $6K research grant

*partner countries can be found at


For more information on pursuing an internship with Mitacs, please contact:

Christopher Dixon
Director, Business Development | IBET
phone: +1 416-460-4125