Mary Gallerneault, a Materials Engineering PhD candidate, is Queen’s newest IBET Momentum Fellowship recipient

Metallurgy runs in Mary Gallerneault’s family; she only has to point to a portrait in Nicol Hall to prove it. There among rows of photos of grad students is her father, moustached and bespectacled, who also pursued his PhD in Materials Engineering at Queen’s.

“Hopefully that doesn’t point to a lack of imagination on my part,” says Gallerneault with a laugh.

Today, Gallerneault is sitting not far from her dad’s portrait, thinking about the PhD she started in January, and her past. Her grandfather, a Métis man from rural Saskatchewan, also worked in aluminum casting in England after serving in the Second World War.

“He wasn’t an engineer, but if he’d had the same opportunities that my father and I did, I think he would have been,” says Gallerneault.

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