Chantel Campbell

IBET Momentum Fellow at University of Toronto

Chantel Briana Campbell is a medical scientist and fine artist. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto. Where she also completed a master’s in biomedical engineering, and multifaceted bachelor’s degree with research specializations in addiction psychology, contemporary fine arts, mutiethnolect enregisterment, and neurolinguistic development.

As a PhD candidate Chantel fabricates angle-ply multilamellar composite biomaterials that can help repair damaged hearts, eyes, and muscles. She has developed a mechanism for engineering multilayered tissues with layers as strong as standard plastic wrap and thinner than a human hair. As a fine artist she creates atypical paintings, sculptures, and installations. She uniquely describes her artistic muse as a perspective, rather than a persona.

Chantel was drawn to biomedical engineering because it allows her to combine her diverse interests – by enabling the use of creativity, science, and the application of technology to address real-world challenges.

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