Derrick Ayebazibwe

IBET Momentum Fellow at University of Calgary

Derrick Ayebazibwe is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary, researching the geomechanics of gas hydrate-bearing soils. His research goal is to find new and improved ways of exploiting natural gas hydrates that are abundant in the Northern Territories of Canada for energy while safely avoiding the risk of geological hazards. Derrick did his Master of Engineering studies at Nagoya University in Japan, during which he also got some internship experience and is no stranger to studying and working with diverse and multicultural communities. He desires to see a more diverse, inclusive and equal engineering and technology society.  

Although he is passionate about research and spends most of his time in the laboratory, Derrick is an articulate communicator with intrinsic language versatility being able to sustain long conversations in English and basic German and Japanese. He has a knack for learning new languages.