Jack Adebisi

IBET Momentum Fellow at Toronto Metropolitan University

Born and raised in Lagos Nigeria, Jack (they/he) is pursuing his PhD in Building Science at Toronto Metropolitan University, where he also earned his master’s degree in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science. His PhD focus will be on the use of Artificial Intelligence in building energy management fields and to extend the development of ethical application of AI in such fields. This is a continuation of his research focus in his master’s where he focused on using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to analyze the complexities of  soot production in combustion.

During their master’s, Jack was also an inaugural member of the Board of Directors in the X Graduate Student Union (currently known as the TMU GSU). As the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Sciences (FEAS) Director, he worked on implementing health insurance plans for graduate students and with college students of Cuba to show solidarity in the struggle against the embargo that the country has faced in the last 6 decades. This was especially important to them as a young Nigerian who saw the effects of British colonialism on their older family members.

He earned an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he developed his love for research by joining . He also mentored incoming students from racial and gender minority backgrounds through the Office of Minority Education and Development (OMED) educational programs. In his spare time, he played the eight-man position on the Georgia Tech Rugby Team.

When not working on research or schoolwork, Jack loves to make comics and paintings, go on nature walks, or read a good fantasy novel.