Stephen Robinson-Enebeli

IBET Momentum Fellow at University of Waterloo

Stephen Robinson-Enebeli is a Ph.D. student in the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering (Nanotechnology) program. His research involves the in-situ characterization of aerosolized metal nanoparticles using Laser-Induced Incandescence with a particular focus on laser interactions with nanoparticles through their optical properties. This research is conducted at the Waterloo Laboratory for Inverse Analysis and Thermal Sciences (WatLIT) under the supervision of Dr. Kyle Daun.

Stephen completed a BSc. degree (2015) and BEng. Degree (2018) at Saint Mary’s University and Dalhousie University, respectively; both in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He completed his MASc. degree in 2020 at the University of Waterloo where his research focused on inferring size distributions and properties of aerosolized nickel nanoparticles using a three-colour detection system.

The Faculties of Engineering and Mathematics at University of Waterloo are committed to increasing the diversity of Canadian workforce in the engineering and technology sectors, especially, the participation from Indigenous and Black communities.

The Momentum Fellowships are a central pillar of the new IBET PhD Project which aims to change the academic landscape within the next five to 10 years by increasing the number of Indigenous and Black engineering professors teaching and researching in universities across Ontario. The project will also create a pipeline of students who will increase diversity in Canadian technology industries as they enter the workforce with graduate degrees from STEM programs.