Unconventional: One researcher’s journey to his PhD and IBET Fellowship

After submitting his application to the Indigenous and Black Engineering and Technology (IBET) Momentum Fellowship, Bofa Udisi was unsure of his chances.

While he had just begun his PhD in building science at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), he didn’t view himself as “the typical academic student.” Arguably, Udisi’s academic journey up to that point could be viewed as untraditional – if only owing to the fact that his curiosity could never be satisfied by classroom theory alone.

When Udisi graduated from Novena University in energy and petroleum studies, he questioned why his home country of Nigeria struggled to provide consistent electricity to its citizens, when grid failures were a rare occurrence in most other countries. In pursuit of answers, he would immigrate to Canada, complete two energy management graduate certificates from Seneca College and found a company, which designs digital applications to help homeowners manage energy consumption and trade carbon credits. While the company, AlphaCor Sustainability Solutions, was deterred from launching in Nigeria, Udisi found himself looking ahead and continuing the business in Canada.

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