Vector offers Machine Learning (ML) course for Black and Indigenous Students

Looking to up your skills in Artificial Intelligence and connect to career opportunities in this dynamic field?

Apply to participate in a FREE, nine week online Introduction to Machine Learning (ML) course for Black & Indigenous students starting the week of October 2nd, 2022 at Vector Institute, where some of the world’s top minds in machine learning and deep learning come together to collaborate on research, data, and real-world problems. Learn more.

As a course participant, you will:

  • Learn the introductory concepts of ML;

  • Explore commonly used ML algorithms;

  • Receive an overview of model-building and optimization techniques which serve as a foundation for more advanced ML courses;

  • Enjoy access to research talks and career development programming; and

  • Receive a $500 award and certificate upon successful completion of the course.


Through two hours of lectures/workshops per week and weekly tutorials, this course will provide you with a rich, hands-on learning environment. Learn more about last year’s course & capstone winners.

The deadline to apply is August 21, 2022. Apply today!

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